Recycle Unit

Your small electronic device is composed of many small parts and in most cases these can be reused which means replacement parts will not be required to be manufactured.

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PalmDr Support

Support for Palm related issues including common failures, Windows 7 64 bit drivers and more.

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Who are we?

We are a small company that specializes in sales and service of Palm and similar PDA and Smart Phones. Because we specialize in this area we have a superior understanding of the circuitry, problems and solutions related to these devices. There are very few problems that we have not seen before.

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Customer Feedback

Imagine my surprise -- I ship my phone to a person previously unknown to me (Chris Short) on a Friday (holiday weekend, no less) resigned to the fact that I'd likely be without my phone (i.e. my "right hand!") for 7-10+ days, then unexpectedly, only 3 days later, it shows up at my desk fully repaired. What a wonderful thing! Excellent and speedy service.
02/21/2012 4:35 pm by Mike  -
If you are reading through all of the glowing remarks about Chris & Company and you are thinking that the service and product is "too good to be true" you would be dead wrong. (Granted, most of the time it is.) I know how rare good customer service and excellent, timely and reasonably priced product repair is in this day and time, but rest assured Chris and his company will once again make you a believer that it still exists. I was about to pitch my Palm T/X after dropping and cracking the face, but a wave of Chris' magic wand fixed it better than new. I sure am glad I found this company. Thanks again for a great job Chris (& staff). Gerry
Jan 21, 2012 by Gerald A. Slade  -
VERY FAST, ECONOMICAL & EXCELLENT SERVICE!!! I can not say enough about Chris and his company. I emailed him regarding the problem with my Palm Zire 71 (which I have had for a very long time and truly love) and he responded to my email one hour later! I sent my Palm to him via FedEx and he received it on a Friday afternoon. He repaired it and placed it in the mail to me and I had it on Monday!!! He is fantastic!! I recommend him and his company highly!
03/28/2012 6:36 pm by Monica Abreu  -