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We are a small company that specializes in sales and service of Palm and similar PDA and Smart Phones. Because we specialize in this area we have a superior understanding of the circuitry, problems and solutions related to these devices. There are very few problems that we have not seen before.

Our formal company name is Short Tronics, INC. where as our online website is  We also have a presence on eBay under the user name itsnothere.  We pride ourselves on being helpful and knowledgeable and we accept not only emails but also phone calls which is becoming more rare in this fast paced world.

Why the PDA and not the Smart Phone, for some the Smart Phone is the way to go but for many the PDA does a targeted number of applications extremely well and uncomplicated – allowing for very quick entries  in the form of a memo, calendar entry, or address book.  The Smart Phone is more geared toward phone, multimedia functions and silly “apps”.  We plan on keeping the PDA alive well into the next decade, making sure we have plenty of parts and whole units to keep your needs met.

Chris Short, President
Short Tronics, INC.

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