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Thursday 03 September, 2015

It may be 2015, but I still LOVE my Palm Pilot Tungsten E2. I received FAST service in purchasing/shipping of the installation CD, AC adapter and car charger. I had moved and somehow lost these vital accessories. Yes, I have a laptop, a smartphone and and iPad mini. But nothing quite compares nor competes with the fast features of the Palm Pilot. It allows me to access, especially, the Bible, Book of Common Prayer and other things which would otherwise be too cumbersome for my purse. The compact size allows me to access necessary resources without the larger iPad or even my smartphone when there's no cell service in the area in which I'm traveling. I am SO GRATEFUL that the folks here at this web site still offer accessories and even the Palm Pilot itself. It's one thing which, despite changes in technology, will always have an important place in the field. THANK YOU!!!
Testimonial By: Karen B

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