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by Roslyn Pollack on
Loved the Service

I'm a computer novice who has had a Palm since 2000. Over the years it has become critical to me due to the vast historical information it provides(when did I make settlement on my current home? When was my last chest x-ray, When is my next Dentist appointment, etc. ) Last week I got a new computer. The Tech was able to load my original program and old data but could not get the sync to work. I spent over 10 hours looking thru websites for an answer I was able to understand. I went to Best Buy and a computer repair shop looking for help. When I showed them the Palm they looked at me like I was crazy and recommended alternatives that lacked desired features (such as alarming when shut down.) and were expensive. I somehow stumbled on Chris' number and decided to try it, even though it was a Sunday (Based on my prior experiences I expected to hear that the phone was disconnected.) Lo and behold, Chris answered, and within 15 minutes he patiently guided me thru detailed steps to a "problem fantastically resolved". As I told Chris, his phone number will have a position of very high honor in my phone book. I strongly suggest that you do the same.

by RuthLB on
Fantastic !!

Chris is unbelievable !!! He's worked with me as well as with my "expert" PC guru who could not get the Palm software on to my PC. Chris is really the expert and is professional, fast, clear, accessible, friendly and and and . I've used him many times and has not lost the "touch". He's the best -- I have no hesitation in recommending him !!!! Thanks, Chris.

by Denny Brodbeck on
Garmin 2610 Rejuvination

I sent Chris my 12 year old Garmin 2610 for "rejuvenation" which has been used solely on a motorcycle since 2006 . It was slow to boot-up and the screen was scratched and peeling from many years out in the sun and being used with leather gloves on. Chris received it on a Monday and shipped it back to me on Tuesday! It now looks and works like new! Thanks Chris! 🙂

by visiblink (Twitter handle) on
Great Service

I ordered right after Christmas, and Chris shipped that day. Great service and the package got to British Columbia in 10 days. I've already put the new battery in my LifeDrive and the case is great! Thanks. I'll be ordering again in the future.

by J. Word on
Outstanding Service

I could not get Palm software to load or function on a new Windows 10 computer. The tech where I bought my computer said a Palm would not work with Windows 10 and there was no way to make it compatible. Suggested I might consider updating to something newer. I called Chris...he said this would not be a problem. Answered every question. Very professional. Very courteous. Had my Palm up and running, syncing, and working great in less than 30 minutes. I found Chris and worked with him about 2 years ago on another Palm issue so he was the first person I called. I highly recommend. First class service. Will definitely call Chris again if I have any Palm issues. Thanks, Chris !

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