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Palm T|X - Palm OS Garnet 5.4 312 MHz

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Palm TX PDA With 90 Day Warranty

The Palm TX handheld is the affordable handheld with total wireless connectivity that you've been waiting for. With the Palm TX built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies, you can check e-mail, browse the web and work wherever you want. The Palm TX has a large color display and sleek design are anything but business as usual.

This unit comes with all standard programs installed and ready to go plus some extra applications.   Our professional PDA repair shop refurbishes this and other Palm models.  One of the options below allows you to choose to have a new Palm TX, never used but still has a new battery - this type of battery does not tolerate being on the self for long periods of time without a charge and is physically damaged if left in an uncharged state for longer than two years.  All functions have been tested and either meet or exceed the OEM specifications including preventative repairs to the motherboard that cause many units to fail.

TX User Guide(PDF)
TX Getting Started Guide(PDF)

Included items;

  • Palm TX PDA/Handheld with Stylus
  • Stylus
  • NOTE: For the Palm TX AC adapter and sync cable you must choose an option from below
  • NOTE: Palm TX Installation CD is not included,  you must choose an option from below

Windows 7 32 and 64 bit Compatible

Repairs - If you need a repair for this model please go to our Express Repair Service

Description of some of the features and options

    • US AC adapter to charge your unit and USB sync cable to connectect with your computer. If you do not have an AC adapter you should choose either this or the international AC adapter option.
    • International AC adapter to charge your unit and USB sync cable to connectect with your computer, this comes with detachable plugs for most countries. If you do not have an AC adapter you should choose either this or the US AC adapter option.
    • The cradle allows you to position the Palm so it can be easily read while it is either charging or syncing, the cradle option does not include an AC adapter or sync cable so if you do not have these please choose either the US or International AC adapter option.
    • A little information about glass digitizers; Palm some years ago begin installing inexpensive plastic digitizers, prior to the m100/130/125 all Palm units had nice durable glass digitizers, after the m515 and m505 all Palm units shipped with inexpensive plastic except the Z22. Along with this decision came a vast amount of digitizer problems, the first plastic digitizers were terrible and the currently ones are better but do not come close to the durability of our glass ones. Some in the industry have reported up to a 20% failure rate within the first year for all plastic digitizers. Contrary to what you might think, the glass actually makes the whole unit stronger, more rigid and less likely to damage the expensive and fragile LCD, which is also glass but much thinner so it needs to be protected. The glass digitizer is chemically strengthened which strengthens the glass up to a factor of 8; you will not find this in most other aftermarket glass digitizers. A draw back to the glass digitizer is if it dropped on a hard surface it can break. This Palm model comes standard with a plastic digitizer.
    • Another common failure with the OEM parts, Palm choose to use an inferior switch and this has caused many units to fail, our new switches are manufactured by a leading switch manufacture and will not wear out nearly as quickly as the inexpensive OEM switch.
    • A built in microphone – this is what Palm forgot to add on this model. Two voice recorder applications are also included on the unit.
    • Original Flip cover manufactured by Palm
    • This is an exact copy of the original Install CD, it includes the Palm Desktop, user manual and other items for the Palm.
    • This update removes some unnecessary applications, adds some applications and brings the WiFi up to the most current version.  This update is on the unit by default, if you prefer to have the original OS please choose the options below, there is no cost for the option to have the original OS.
        • Quick Tour is simply an application which steps you through many of the Palm TX features, this can be found online and just wastes memory.
        • Addit is an application Palm used to try and sell items directly to users, for the most part it is no longer used and only wastes time during a hotsync and unnecessary memory.
        • An unnecessary music video that just takes up space.
        • A game that provides great entertainment.
        • Allows you to use your Palm as if it were a USB jump drive, easily allowing you to store and retrieve any type of file on your Palm.
        • Filez is a free easy to use file manager, think Windows Explorer for your Palm.
        • FindHack allows you to turn on or off which applications get the search notification when the user does a search. Some applications that do not handle the search correctly will cause errors and cause the Palm to reset, this allows you to disable these applications.
        • Built-in universal Infra Red(IR) keyboard driver for Palm part number P10946U, just turn the driver on and start using the keyboard.
        • A web browsing application that can be used instead of the default Blazer web browser.
        • This application allows you to change the auto-off time as well as many other actions related to the power. This application is very important when you are using the voice memo application so you can record a long voice memo.
        • This application will help you locate an application that is causing a reset.
        • A voice memo application that can be used if you have either an external or internal microphone(see option below). This application will allow you to move your voice memo to the SD memory card where as the other dose not.
        • A voice memo application that can be used if you have either an external or internal microphone(see option below).

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