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Reuse and Recycle Your PDA and Other Select Electronics

Why Reuse and recycle?
Your small electronic device is composed of many small parts and in most cases these can be reused which means replacement parts will not be required to be manufactured.  In all cases it is better to reuse than to recycle and it is always better to recycle than the throw away, those days of tossing items in the trash are gone and we all need to do our part in making sure we leave as little waste as possible.  We provide this service so that both you, the environment and us PalmDr can benefit.

Why send to PalmDr when there are other more convenient local recycler?
We pledge to use as many of the parts as possible directly in other units, other local recycler will just sell the scrap and a small percentage of the raw material will be recovered.  Most of the time the local recycler main function is to keep hazardous wastes out of the landfills, we do this as well but more importantly we will use many parts without reducing to the basic raw materials.

Will I get compensated for my broken/unused electronic devices?
In many cases no, in some cases if you request we can make an offer for your electronics or to cover the shipping to help defray your costs. If you would like to get compensated for your electronics please fill out the Recycle Request form and wait to hear back from us.  Our goal is to reuse as many of the parts as necessary and those parts that can not be used will be recycled by other partners which in many cases requires us to pay for this disposal/recycling. We defray the cost of receiving, storing, disassembling and disposing by using what we can from your electronics.

Is my donation tax deductable?
No, PalmDr is a For Profit company and therefore the donation CAN NOT be deducted.

What can be sent in to be recycled?
Because we are not setup to reuse all electronic devices we only select those devices which that we work with, this maximizes what we can reuse and recycle. We are First a shop that Repairs and Sells PDA and similar small electronics and only Second Reuse and Recycle.


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